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Attempt for National Level Unity in Past


There is a strong urge among Pakistani workers and some of its leadership to bring about unity in the rank of the workers and bring the workers on one platform, so they can have parliamentary representation for effectively advocating their issues. This urge has manifested itself through many efforts to form one national level organization

In 1994, the leadership of the three ICFTU (present ITUC) affiliates in Pakistan i.e. All Pakistan Federation of Labour (APFOL), All Pakistan Federation of Trade Union (APFTU) and Pakistan National Federation of Trade Union (PNFTU) assembled at Abbottabad and signed ‘Abbottabad Declaration’ with the intent to complete the process of merger of the three national level federations within a period of ten years. The three federations were able to complete the merger process and formation of Pakistan Workers Federation (PWF) within the stipulated time. The founding Convention of Pakistan Workers Federation was held in Islamabad on 7 September, 2005. This Convention was largely attended and besides Government, employers and workers representatives, it was attended by 40 delegates from abroad including Mr. Guy Ryder (ILO’s serving Director General),ex-officio Secretary General of ITUC. This newly formed Federation represents 70 per cent of the unionized workers of the country and thus stood the most representative organization of workers in Pakistan.

Another successful effort was made in 1988, when five small labour federations merged and formed the present Muttahida Labour Federation. The leadership of this Federation was earlier in the hands of Nabi Ahmad and Gul Rahman. Presently, the leadership of this Federation is in the hands of Qamoos Gul Khattak and Chaudry M. Yaqub