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Pakistan Workers Federation (PWF).

This federation was formed in 2005 as a result of merger of three leading national level federations. PWF attained its registration in the same year. One constituent federation of this newly merged federation, namely, All Pakistan Federation of Labour (APFOL) came into being in 1948, soon after independence. Other constituent federations of PWF, namely, All Pakistan Federation of Trade Unions (APFTU) and Pakistan National Federation of Trade Unions (PNFTU) were formed in the sixties. Therefore, in terms of period spent in servicing

workers, PWF is the oldest federation of the country. It is an independent and non-political organization. The affiliated unions of this federation represent workers from various sectors of the economy including water and power, telecommunication, irrigation, textile, garments, leather, transport, gas, engineering, local bodies, banking, insurance, media, newspaper hawkers, mines, minerals, Development Authorities, works departments, sports & surgical goods, fertilizer, automobile, sugar, cement, chemicals, pharmaceutical, hotels, and metals etc. The total staff and volunteers looking after day-to–dayaffairs of the federation at its head office and the eight regional branches counts 32 people. It has a representative character in all the four provinces of Pakistan. At the international level, this federation is affiliated with International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC).The current new leadership consists of Mr. Ajab Khan, President, Mr. Ch Nasim Iqbal Senior Vice President, Mr. M. Zahoor Awan, General Secretary, Mr. Syed Hadi Hussain Shah, Chairman,  Mr. Saad Chaudhary, Chairman Youth Committee and Ms. Zahida Parveen Mughal, Secretary Women’s Committee. The current General Secretary Mr. Zahoor Awan and the Youth Chairman are also the Member of ITUC and Mr Awan is also the member of ILO Governing Bodies. The Current Senior Vice President of PWF Mr. Chaudhary is also the President of PWF Central Punjab Region and the Member of the EOBI Board of Trustee.